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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Account registration and user profile

Customers might create an account on our website for specific functions like purchasing hardware from our online storefront or getting a coat for a bulk order internationally. At the time of registering, the customer needs to provide valuable information like name, date of birth, address, contact number, e-mail ID, and several such parameters. Marci hardware will use these information pieces to verify the user’s existence and later on generate invoices and bills. However, the company won’t be responsible for any unauthorized action from the profile, if the incident is not reported to the company’s tech team within a couple of days.

Product Catalog

Marci Hardware ensures all the information bits are accurate and precise and coincide with the manufacturer’s details. In addition, the company also ensures the product pictures are exactly similar to the item itself in real life. The prices for each product mentioned in the catalog are subject to change and Marci Hardware is not liable to address the price changes or give any explanation. Suppose the customer wants to make any changes in the product specifications at the time of purchase. In that case, Marci Hardware will not take responsibility for any product performance problem after delivery.

Order placement and acceptance prerequisite

Order placement is accepted from the website. Once the order confirmation is completed, Marci Hardware will send the customer a receipt for the same. Suppose all the information pieces are present, and the customer requests a same-day delivery. In that case, the company will accordingly process the order and ensure the product is delivered right on time to the address. We do not entertain any cancellation request for the orders as all the products are non-cancellable. The products that are out of stock will be displayed at the storefront to ensure customers know which items are out of stock.

Payment terms

Marci Hardware has incorporated three payment options for customers, both national and international. Credit cards, electronic payments, and PayPal will be considered for national customers. But for international customers, wire transfer and PayPal are the only two options. We will send a confirmation copy of the payment received to the customers over the mail.


Marci Hardware does not charge any extra fee or tax for delivering the products unless and until the order placed has a shipping address in Texas. Taxes apply only to the US state of Texas and all its cities. Marci Hardware does not play any role in deciding the tax payable percentage as it is completely based on the federal government.

Warranty terms

We take a warranty period of only 30 days from the delivery of the products.

Return policy

According to return policies at Marci Hardware, customers can raise a return request within 30 days of getting the delivery. However, they have to provide a valid reason for returning the product and send pictures of the damage and any other type of malfunctioning. If any return request is raised after 30 days of delivery, we have the sole discretion or right to cancel the return request.

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