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At Marci Hardware, we take utmost care to ensure that your product is maintained and sold in conformance with our Quality Policy. An initial consultation is required to ensure you and our Business Development Reps establish a mutually agreeable product flow, business to business communication, and contracts. This consultation process ensures that your requirements are met without any unnecessary risk or cost exposure.
Marci Hardware utilizes proprietary analytical tools that provide us with real-time inventory and market information on I.T. products. Through a combination of historical, real-time and predictive data sets, Marci Hardware ensures that you receive maximum value for your Networking equipment and provides access to new inventory at the lowest rates.
Marci Hardware is proud of the security measures we take for our supply chain. As such, part of Marci Hardware consignment program set-up and approval process includes an assessment of the product flow and any and all facilities in which your assets will be shipped in from. After your order has been received into our inventory, our Warehouse will work double-time to ensure your products are placed to market in the best light possible. Our mission is to maximize the revenue reaching your bottom line at a rate agreed upon by both entities.
To ensure your order is facilitated smoothly and efficiently, participation in consignment with Marci Hardware is contingent upon meeting minimum requirements, including but not limited to: final consensus on formalized terms and conditions in the form of an executed contract, automated visibility to consignment inventory movements, liability, and an agreed-upon physical product flow reviewed and approved by your Business Development Representative (this can include topics such as Sales Management, Finance, Risk Management, Credit, Logistics, and Legal resources).

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